Tuesday, October 11, 2016

150 Years of Hurricanes Mapped

NOAA's Historical Hurricane Tracks maps the tracks of over 6,000 historical hurricanes around the world since 1842.

It is possible to search for hurricane tracks on the map by location, name, year and by ocean basin. If you select an individual hurricane you can view its historical track on the map. The hurricane's track is color coded to show the tropical storm strength over time. You can also click through to read the hurricane's storm details and storm report.

If you select the 'All Basins' option from the Ocean Basins drop-down menu you can get a good overview about the areas around the world that are worst affected by hurricanes and tropical cyclones. This option overlays the partial tracks of over 6,000 historical hurricanes on the map. It reveals that the Pacific Ocean, west of the International Date Line, sees more tropical cyclones than any other basin. It also shows that there is almost no hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean south of the Equator.

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