Monday, October 10, 2016

3D Earthquake Mapping

Engineers and architects can learn a lot about how to make buildings and other structures more earthquake proof by studying the devastation caused by earthquakes. However in the immediate aftermath of a disastrous earthquake rescue efforts and then clean-up & restoration projects obviously are of far more importance. This gives engineers a very short time-span in which to study how buildings have fared during a major earthquake.

Scientists at Brigham Young University are therefore working on how drones can be quickly deployed to capture aerial imagery of earthquake hit locations. Using structure from motion (SfM) computer vision, this drone footage can be used to create 3d maps. The completed 3d maps can then bu used by civil engineers to study the impact of an earthquake on ancient and modern infrastructure.

After a 6.2 magnitude quake hit central Italy earlier this year Brigham Young University deployed their drones to capture video footage of the damage caused to towns and villages in the area. They are now creating 3d models from this footage, You can view the completed 3d map of earthquake devastated Pescara del Tronto.

You can also read more about this important mapping project and find links to the preliminary report of the project's findings on the Brigham Young University website.

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