Friday, October 07, 2016

Deep Sea Mining Watch

Over one million square kilometers of the world's oceans have received claims for deep sea mining. Mining in the Earth's oceans can be very destructive of delicate marine ecosystems and can lead to the loss of unique species and sensitive deep sea habitats.

Deep Sea Mining Watch is a global map showing where these mining claims are known to have been made. The map also shows the GPS tracks of ships that are believed to be prospecting for minerals for deep sea mining. If you select a deep sea mining vessel on the map you can view its GPS track and learn more about who the ship belongs to and where and what it is prospecting for.

The Deep Sea Mining Watch map also contains general information on how deep seabed mining is carried out and the effect it can have on biodiversity and deep sea ecosystems.

The map itself includes bathymetry data from Natural Earth. Natural Earth's bathymetry data is free to use in any project. You can therefore download the data yourself for use in your own interactive maps.

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