Monday, October 24, 2016

Vintage Maps of the Hudson River

The New York Public Library's collection of geo-rectified vintage maps is a great resource for exploring old maps from around the world. If you want to search for old maps by location then you can use the map interface on the NYPL Map Warper page.

Bert Spaan, of NYPL Labs, has also created an interesting interactive strip map which allows you to find and explore vintage maps from the NYPL's Digital Collection along the Hudson River. Along the Hudson River from Glenn Falls to New York City uses the Leaflet.js mapping library to provide a map search tool for finding vintage maps, of places along the river, by location.

To explore and find maps from the NYPL you simply need to pan the map down the Hudson River. When you hover over a location on the map the available vintage maps at that location are loaded into the map sidebars. Each of the available maps include links to view the map on the NYPL's Map Warper and Digital Collections websites.

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