Monday, October 10, 2016

Sky View

Hivemapper are developing a beautiful interface for exploring drone captured videos from a 3d map. Using a 3d map allows users to explore drone videos by specific location. Instead of having to scrub through a whole drone video searching for the footage of the location you wish to view with 'Flight View' you can just click on the map to find the relevant part of the video.

Hivemapper Flight View presents you with a 3d point cloud map of a location. You can navigate around the 3d map to find a location that you wish to explore in Flight View. When you click on your chosen location the 3d map seamlessly changes to present the same view as captured on video by drone.

Hivemapper's 3d point cloud maps are created using data actually captured from the frames of the drone videos of that location. You can view Flight View in action on the Hivemapper demo map of Cathedral Hill in San Francisco. Check-out how the map magically switches from point cloud map to video when you click on the map.

You can learn more about Hivemapper and their development of Flight View on the Hivemapper Blog.

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