Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spooky Locations for Halloween

If you want to know the places to avoid this Halloween then you need to search Trulia's Unnatural Hazards map. Enter your address into the Unnatural Hazards map and you can find the location of nearby zombie, vampire and ghost hot-spots.

Your chances of stumbling into a herd of the walking dead are based on how close you live to a cemetery. The map uses data from the census and OpenStreetMap to locate local cemeteries. The color of the map shows your zombie 'degree of risk', which is calculated based on the distance to the nearest cemetery.

The Unnatural Hazards map uses data from Yelp to work out your risk from vampire bites. The vampire bite risk is based on the location of nearby blood banks and hospitals, where vampires are likely to be searching for their latest feed. Your likelihood of bumping into a ghost in your neighborhood is based on a number of secret sources.

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