Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3D Buildings in the Sun

Mapbox has created another great demo showcasing the new 3d buildings feature available in Mapbox GL. This new map demonstrates how you can use shading & lighting with 3d buildings to create depth and reflect different lighting conditions.

The extrusion lighting demo map in Shading and lighting 3D features in Mapbox GL JS includes three controls. These controls allow you to change the colors of the 3d buildings, the lighting intensity and the light direction.

Using the light direction and the light intensity options you can see how you could create a map which reflects the lighting conditions during the course of a day. You can use light direction to ensure that the light on the map mirrors the light direction from the sun during different times of the day. You can then change the light intensity to reflect the rising and falling of light during sunrise and sunset.

Another great demonstration of Mapbox's 3d buildings can be seen in Robert White's Vancouver Zoning Map.

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