Monday, October 31, 2016

The Geography of Employment

Jobs in Boston is a dot map of jobs in Boston categorized by employment sector. It shows where people work in Boston and what type of jobs that they do. It also provides a really interesting insight into how different job sectors in the city tend to be concentrated in different Boston neighborhoods.

The Jobs in Boston map uses Longitudinal Employer–Household Dynamics (LEHD) data from the Census Bureau to map jobs to workplace locations. The concentration of different colored dots on the map reveals that a number of locations in Boston serve as hot-spots for specific sectors of employment.

For example MIT is obviously an important center of jobs in the education sector. A lot of health care jobs are centered around the Longwood Medical and Academic Area. The Massachusetts State House and a few other nearby buildings host a significant number of public admin jobs.

If you like this map you might also be interested in these other dot maps, visualizing census and demographic data from countries around the world.

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