Thursday, October 06, 2016

Mapping U.S. Foreign Aid

USAID has created an interactive map to show where and how historical U.S. foreign aid has been given to countries around the world. The Foreign Aid Trends map visualizes where U.S. foreign aid has been spent from 1946 to 2014.

The map allows you to view the total amount of foreign aid given to individual countries by year, funding agency and by assistance category. These data filters really allow you to explore where and how U.S. geo-political and military influence has waxed and waned around the world since the Second World War.

For example, if you select to view just the military assistance category and animate through the whole date range, you can see how the focus of U.S. military aid has shifted over the decades. Immediately after World War II most U.S. foreign military aid was given to European countries. In the sixties and early seventies a lot of this military aid budget was being spent in Southeast Asia. Since the 1980's you can see how a lot of U.S, military aid has been focused on the Middle East.

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