Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Great Global Treasure Hunt

You can now create your own Treasure Map games on Google Maps. Map Channels has released a new simple to use platform which you can use to create your own treasure hunt map games.

Treasure Maps helps you easily set-up a treasure hunt game with Google Maps and Google Street View. You just need to add a few locations (and a few clues to find the locations) and you can then share your treasure hunt game with anyone that you want.

Before creating your own treasure hunt you might want to play some of the games already made with Treasure Maps. For example, the Tour of London treasure map requires you to find and locate 15 famous landmarks in the English capital. Your task is to follow the clues to find each location on the map. A large circle on the map shows you the current search area. As you get closer to the correct location on the map the circle gets smaller, narrowing down the area you need to search and helping you in your quest to find the correct location.

If you create your own treasure hunt game with Treasure Maps you can share the link to the game with your friends or you can embed the game in your own website or blog.

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