Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Maps

Having already pounded Haiti and the Bahamas Hurricane Matthew is now forecast to make a direct hit on Florida as a Category Four storm.

You can get a real sense of the scale and force of Hurricane Matthew by visiting either Windytv or the Earth Wind Map. Both of these maps provide animated wind visualizations for the whole globe. Windytv also includes a five day forecast. This enables you to watch a sped-up animation of Hurricane Matthew, tracking its predicted past over the next few days.

You can also view the predicted path of Hurricane Matthew on the National Hurricane Center website. The map provides a five day forecast of Hurricane Matthew's cone path. Weather Underground has created a similar 5 day forecast map for Hurricane Matthew showing the predicted storm category along the hurricane's predicted path.

The interactive Google Crisis Map has a three day forecast cone showing the probable center of Hurricane Matthew. Google's map also includes the locations of Red Cross shelters in Florida. You can click on the shelter markers on the map to view the shelter's address, its capacity and the current number of people seeking shelter there.

The Google Crisis Map includes a Hurricane Evacuation Routes layer. You can find out more about these evacuation routes on Florida's Division of Emergency Management website. The website also has details on Florida's current evacuation zones, with links to evacuation maps with the evacuation routes for each evacuation zone,

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