Monday, October 31, 2016

City Zoning Maps in 3D

Sarah Michael Levine has used Mapbox GL's new extrude property to create a Jersey City Building Census complete with 3d buildings. The map visualizes the city's buildings in 3d with zoning, ward and parcel information available for each building.

The Jersey City Building Census map colors each building in the city based on how it is zoned. You can click on a building footprint on the map to view ts zone and parcel information. These details include the building's age, number of stories and owner information (where available).

You can read a detailed explanation of how and why the map was created on Sarah's blog, Sarah Makes Maps.

The new extrude property in Mapbox GL is proving very popular for city zoning maps. You can also see it in action on the Vancouver Zoning Map and the Toronto Zoning Map. The ability to add 3d building polygons to a map is also effective for building age maps. You can see a neat example of this on the Catalonia Building Age Map.

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