Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mapping the Boston Globe

Mapping the Globe is a really interesting project to map all the locations mentioned in the Boston Globe since November 2011. The map allows you to visualize the areas which are most mentioned in the Globe as a whole and within the newspaper's individual sections.

Two filter controls on the map allow you to explore the data in more detail. The 'Map' filter allows you to view the geographical distribution of places mentioned in the different sections of the Boston Globe. The 'View' filter allows you to switch between a choropleth view (showing the distribution of places mentioned per capita) and a view of all the places mentioned shown as individual markers on the map.

If you hover over an individual marker on the map you can read a short introduction of the relevant Boston Globe article. In fact my major quibble with this map is that the information windows should open on mouse-click rather than mouse-hover. Opening the information windows on mouse-hover does make the map very hard to navigate. It is really difficult to select an individual marker on the map because, as you move your mouse around, information windows start popping up all over the map.

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