Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Photo Quiz Map

Map Channels has decided to give the Panoramio API one last glorious fanfare as it slips ignobly into the great software graveyard of Google's many deprecated and abandoned projects. Google has announced that its photo application Panoramio will be shut down on November 4th. This means that you only have a few days to play Map Channel's new Photo Quiz Map.

Photo Quiz Maps uses the Panoramio API to place 10 random photos on a Google Map. The object of the game is to identify where each photo was taken. After you choose a location in Photo Quiz Maps a photo is displayed in the map sidebar. Ten markers are also displayed on a Google Map. All you have to do is choose the marker where the photograph was taken.

You get ten points if you guess correctly first time. If you guess correctly on your second try you are awarded nine points - and so on. If you guess all ten photos correctly with your first picks you can score a total of 100 points.

How many points can you get?

If you like Photo Quiz Map then you might also enjoy Map Channel's Treasure Maps game. Treasure Maps helps you easily set-up and create your own treasure hunt games with Google Maps and Google Street View. If you don't want to create your own Treasure Hunt games you can try to solve one of the three featured games instead.

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