Friday, October 21, 2016

Video Journey Mapping

A new website allows you to to take a virtual boat journey down the Seine, a street car ride through San Francisco or a bus journey around London. Videomapia is an interactive map of videoed road, boat and train trips around the world. The map allows you to watch videos of short trips around cities and follow along with the journey on a synchronized Leaflet map.

The markers on the global Videomapia map show the locations of the uploaded videos. If you zoom in on the map you can see the individual routes taken in each video. You can then click anywhere on the journey track to start the video from that location. As the video of the trip plays out a moving marker on the map keeps track of the current location shown in the film.

Anyone can add their own videoed journeys to Videomapia. the site is entirely in Russian, so you might need to run the instructions through Google Translate.

If you like Videomapia then you might also enjoy Cyclodeo. Cyclodeo shows synchronized videoed cycling routes in cities around the world.

Cyclodeo uses Google Maps and videos of bike routes to allow users to preview routes before attempting to cycle them for themselves. The videos are synced to a Google Map of the route so that the user can click anywhere on the route and view the video at that location.

Even if you aren't a cyclist Cyclodeo allows you to virtually explore a number of global cities on video and on the accompanying maps.

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