Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Map of Life

OneZoom is an interactive map which allows you to explore the complete tree of life on Earth. The application uses an interactive map interface to visualize the evolutionary relationships between all the species living on our planet.

Each leaf on the OneZoom tree of life represents an individual species. The branches represent the lineage of these individual species. The points where the different branches diverge on the tree of life show where different groups have split from one another. At each divergence point you can see the geologic time of when it is believed this divergence took place.

Red leaves on the OneZoom tree of life are those that are currently under the threat of extinction. When you zoom down to the individual leaf of a species you can click on that leaf to learn more about the selected animal from its Wikipedia entry.

If you want to know where all this life lives on Earth you can use the Map of Life which uses a geographical map to show where 937,810 species live on Earth. Using the map you can discover which species live at any location on the globe.

You can click anywhere on the Map of Life to view a list of species that live at that location. You can then click on any of the displayed species groups to view a list of the individual animals within that group. If you then click on an individual animal's name you can view a species range map and learn more about the selected individual animal from its Wikipedia entry.

The Map of Life is from the same developers who created OneZoom.

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