Wednesday, October 12, 2016

5 Million Finns on a Map

A new interactive dot map shows the distribution of the population of Finland. Finns on a Map uses the Leaflet.js map platform to show where the 5.5 million inhabitants of Finland live in the country.

Each dot on the map represents one inhabitant of Finland. The dots are randomized within the building footprints of each postcode area. In other words the map shows the population of each postcode area, but randomizes the distribution of the population within that area.

Dot maps are a useful way to visualize the geographical population of a country. Every person in England & Wales and Every Person in Scotland are two more examples of dot maps being used to map the distribution of a general population.

Dot maps can also be used to visualize other aspects of census and population data. The dot maps listed below have been created to visualize other demographic distributions, using data normally obtained from national censuses.

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The Racial Dot Map of the USA
The Racial Dot Map of Brazil
Indigenous Dot Map of Australia.
The Chinese Population of Australia
Rome - The Foreign Resident Population
The Dot Density Map of Women in the U.S.
The UK Ethnicity Dot Map
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