Monday, October 03, 2016

The Street Sounds & Street Views of Rio

During this summer's Olympics in Rio de Janerio Nissan partnered with Google to capture the excitement of the city with some special Street Views of the city. Nissan kitted out a Nissan Kicks car with Google's Street View cameras and drove around some of the important locations in the summer Olympics.

You can explore these panoramic images of the Olympics in Rio with Nissan Kicks View. Some of the Street View scenes in Nissan Kicks View also include 360 degree audio. This means that not only can you view the sights of Rio with Google 's 360 degree imagery but you can also listen to the panoramic sounds of the city. As you rotate around these audio Street View images you can hear the street sounds changing, as the audio is also dependent on the direction that you are looking.

There are quite a few locations to explore on Nissan Kicks View. However the most impressive scenes are definitely the ones along the Copacabana beach. These are the Street Views with the panoramic sound. Who knows perhaps one day all Google Maps Street View may come with panoramic sound.

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