Monday, October 17, 2016

Vancouver's 3D Building Zones

Last week Mapbox revealed their new extrusion properties for data layers in Mapbox GL JS. These new extrusion properties allow you to create 3d buildings (extruding buildings by their number of floors) or other 3d data visualizations on a map using your own data layers.

Robert White has already used Mapbox's new 3d buildings option to create the impressive Vancouver Zoning Map. Robert's map not only has 3d buildings but also uses data styling to color those buildings and other map features to show Vancouver's distinct city zones.

Using the map you can explore how & where Vancouver uses zoning within the city. You can also see how this zoning has an effect on the building heights in Vancouver's neighborhoods.

If you want to see how you can create your own building height map then you might want to have a look at my How to Create a Building Height Map tutorial. Mapbox has yet to create a good tutorial for creating 3d buildings with Mapbox GL JS. However you can have a look at the demo map provided in their blog post, 3D Features in Mapbox GL JS, to see how the new extrusion properties work.

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