Monday, November 03, 2008

Wikimapia BETA: Realtime Editable Map of the World Launched

Wikimapia BETA
Everyone's favourite Google Maps mash-up Wikimapia has undergone a big update. WikiMapia is a Google Maps based wiki system which allows anyone to add information to any location on Earth. The map now has over 8.5 million places marked - and it just got even better with Wikimapia BETA.

In Wikimapia Beta you can easily add places, roads, rail roads and ferry crossings which become visible on the map immediately. Moreover, the Wikimapia map is interactive, so you may click on any location and see detailed information, provided by other users.

Wikimapia BETA has two main views - satellite and map. The Satellite map view shows the original Google satellite imagery with places that are interactive outlined. Here is an example embedded below:

The Wikimapia map view, which is drawn from all users contributions, is also interactive

Another great feature of Wikimapia is that you may assign categories to added places. By clicking on a specified category in the menu, for example "reactor", you can see all the different reactors around the world.

Wikimapia is available in many languages and is waiting for you "To describe the whole world!"

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