Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Street View in DC for the President Elect

As a welcoming present for the incoming President Elect Google has just unveiled Street View in Washington.

Washington Monument
Seattle and Baltimore have also received Street View today. The Google LatLong blog also has a clue that there is an Easter egg hidden in today's update,

"To give you even more of a reason to explore Street View, we've hidden another special surprise somewhere in our US imagery so keep your eyes peeled. Need a hint to get you started? It's in the home state of someone whose name you'll see on the ballot today."

Thanks to the Google Earth Blog for the heads up on this one.

Here are some more nice views:


Capitol Building, National Gallery of Art, Washington Monument, The Pentagon


Space Needle
Experience Music Building

Washington Monument, Bromo Seltzer Tower, Baltimore City Hall


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