Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Maps Friday Fun

Street View of the Week
Google Sightseeing have been virtual tramping the streets of France again, where they uncovered this French dude signalling to the Street View car. With his kid in tow as well.

Google Maps Mania Link List and Tag Cloud
Just for my own convenience I created this link list and list of Google Map Mania tags. Anyone with an interest in Google Map mash-ups can use this page to search through over a thousand maps. The page isn't particularly pretty but it does help me in searching through the Google Maps Mania archives.

Google Maps in ATM Machines
Martin Beijk discovered a Google Map on the screen of an ATM machine in Barcelona. The maps are being used by Spanish bank La Caixa to show the closest service centres of the bank.

Martin explains more on his blog Local Search.

Via: Understanding Google Maps and Yahoo Local Search

Map Maker Time Lapse Videos
The Google Map Maker team have put together a number of timelapse videos of cities as people have added map detail with Map Maker.

The video below is a timelapse of Hue, Vietnam:

Video Link

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