Thursday, November 20, 2008



MyGeoPosition is a great application to help you geo-code a single address. From my limited testing it seems very accurate.

Apart from its accuracy, the site offers a number of really useful facilities for geo-coding a position and for how you might then want to use the data:
  • Finetuning of the position using a drap & drop marker
  • Geoposition as float or in degrees
  • Setting an inaccuracy (~1m, ~10m, ~100m, ...) for data protection reasons
  • Automated creation of geo-metatags for websites and weblogs
  • Automated creation of geotags for websites, weblogs and images
  • Automated creation of kml files (Google Earth)
  • iGoogle gadget for quick geocoding from your personal landing page
  • Slim design, quick loading process
As well as all these features the site returns a website url so it is possible to create a simple link to an address. If you don't want to link to MyGeoPosition, that's covered as well, as MyGeoPosition creates links to the location on Google Maps, Microsoft Live Local and Yahoo Maps.

The site is available in English, German, Dutch and Bulgarian.


Tine Müller said...

Great site but I can't see that is use any different coordinates that you get from when used in Denmark and they are far away from the correct address. In Denmark we have to use to find the correct coordinates. But it's a shame that can't show the same coordinates.:-(

What technic do TeleAtlas use to find the coordinates?


- said...

Indeed it uses the Google Maps API. But for the same reason that the API sometimes returns very bad geocoordinates I added the feature to drag & drop the marker and find the correct coords for your address / position.


PS: Thanks for the post :-)

- said...

Little update from the developer itself: We just added an API to let everybody include the GeoPicking functionality into website forms.

With the free Javascript GeoPicker widget you can let your users easily pick latitude, longitude, city, zip & more using a handy map that opens in a popup. Basic integration can be done in 2 minutes, but the API is also very flexible and will fit all your special needs.

Users can search their location by entering a location name into an input field. The result can be fine-tuned using a Drag&Drop marker. You can also define a default starting location of the Map, influence the language, the Look&Feel and much more.

The result will be put into input fields you define. Whether it will be one input field or multiple can be defined - as well as whether you want to receive Latitude, Longitude, ZIP, City & much more. You can also definde to receive the data as a javascript object using a callback function. Then you can do with the data whatever you are up to.

Take a look at the extensive documentation and find your use case for this very flexible API.

Have fun, we are curious what you will build with the GeoPicker API :-)