Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2008 Election Results Maps

Google's Elections Gallery of Maps has a few maps mash-ups that may be of interest today.

Electoral Votes Map
The Electoral Votes Map not only shows the 2008 election results but allows users to visualise results all the way back to Roosevelt vs Hoover in 1932.

2008 Election Results

2004 Election Results (Bush vs Kerry)

From the map you can see that Obama's gains were Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Indiana. All in all it was a pretty impressive performance by Obama but not quite as good as Roosevelt's in 1932.

1932 Election Results (Roosevelt vs Hoover)

However I'm sure Franklin D. Roosevelt wouldn't begrudge us concentrating on Barack Obama today.

Barack Obama's Journey to the Whitehouse

This Google Map mash-up plots the life journey of the forty-fourth President of the United States. Starting in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961 this map plots Obama's life on Google Maps, from his birth in Hawii all the way to his future new home in the White House in January.

Obama's Speeches

This map allows you to watch YouTube videos of Obama's speeches. Each speech is marked on the map at the location it was given. Clicking on the map marker lets you watch the speech directly on the map itself.

Video Your Vote

PBS and YouTube joined forces to create this video map of voters' election experiences. Some of 'the most compelling' were featured during PBS' election coverage.

The map itself divides the videos into a number of categories, 'Early Voting', 'Notable Voter', 'Voting Perspectives', 'Voter Intimidation', 'Polling Place Problems' and Registration Problems.

Obama, Japan
Obama, Japan
No one is happier with an Obama victory than the citizens of a small seaside town in Japan called Obama. Since the start of Obama's campaign the number of visitors to the town has increased 20 percent. They now expect visitor numbers to increase even more.

Seiji Fujiwara, an executive director of one of the town's largest hotels, is pleased with the increase of tourism, especially as "there are other towns named Obama in Japan."


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