Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musical Pilgrimages on Google Maps

Musical Pilgrimages

Music Pilgrimages is a database and community sharing website for those interested in the locations made famous by musicians. The site's aim is to help you look up the location of a place mentioned in a song, shown in an album cover, used in a video or just where an artist was born.

The site uses Google Maps to show the locations. Each location on the map comes with a detailed description and the map also features photographs of album covers and even embedded YouTube videos of relevant songs or concerts.

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Anonymous said...

We have a "Guide to U2's Dublin" that also uses Google Maps:

Keir Clarke said...

Any relation to the 'Bono Probability Positioning System'?

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago, we released a new category of tours in our website called "Filming Locations" which does exactly the same except with movies. A user has already logged the first tour of this category based on John Borman's Excalibur (1981) with relevant movie bits uploaded in YouTube.