Saturday, November 01, 2008

Google Maps On CNN

CNN have been encouraging American voters to use Google's 2008 US Voter Info Mapplet.

CNN have mentioned the map both on air and on-line and are encouraging voters to use the tool now to get out and vote. This Google Mapplet puts registration, absentee and early voting information in one place. To use the map you simply enter your address and the map will tell you how many days left you have to register by mail and where you should go to vote.

CNN's on-line Election Center 2008 has created a link on every state page to find your polling place using Google Maps. The link will direct voters directly to their state on the US Voter Info map. The CNN Election Center also contains a wealth of information on each state, from general information and demographics to the all important political information.

The Voter Info map is also part of Elections '08 Map Gallery. This gallery features a whole host of 2008 election maps:


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