Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Google Maps Day - Part Three


Up2Maps is a new Google Maps mashup designed to allow everyone to share their research data on-line. Anyone can use the map to add data about any country in the world and share this knowledge with the whole world.

To add your data to the map you can type your data directly into a location or you can upload data from a spreadsheet. Once you have added data to the map you can then export the map to your own documents for presentations or you can view the data directly from Up2Maps.

If you don't want to add your own data to the map you can just view the research data that others have already added. For example for France the uploaded data includes gasoline and diesel sales. Choosing either of these maps will take you to a map of France with sales broken down by region.

The Up2Maps map itself has some really nice features. When you roll over a country a target appears to highlight which country you have selected. When you are viewing an individual country there is a 'level up' option that when selected zooms the map out to show a continent view, selecting 'level up' again takes you to a world view.

You can also test drive the map before registering. I think this is a brilliant feature that all websites requiring registration should adopt. Let your users see what you offer before getting them to spend time filling in forms.



Anonymous said...

its really great!

Anonymous said...

One of the best apps I've ever seen! This will be most useful!