Saturday, November 22, 2008

Google Maps Translate Reviews

When you use Google Maps to search for a local business you now have the option to 'translate reviews'. This is a really useful feature for those who like to use Google Maps when travelling abroad.

For example, imagine you are in Rome and you want to do what the Romans do and visit a local Pizzeria. You can search for Pizzerias by choosing 'Businesses' from the 'Show search options'. Local Pizzerias will then be tagged on the map and be listed in the sidebar.

At the top of the sidebar there is now an option to 'translate reviews'.

Selecting this option will magically translate the review from Italian to English.

The 'Translate reviews' option also appears in the information window that opens when you click on one of the red map tags.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's a very useful feature, but I think the translation needs a lot more work - in that example used the automatic translation says 'the waiters are courteous' but in the original Italian it says 'the waiters are NOT very courteous'.
I look forward to seeing more the translation feature and how it could help click-throughs on our local listings,