Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Government Data Winners

Back in July we reported on the British governments competition called Show Us A Better Way to develop ideas suggested by the public that would "improve the way public information is communicated."

The winning ideas have now been announced. It looks like each of the winners could do with a little Google Maps love.

Here are the five entries that have been chosen to build a site with their ideas (and some sites that they might like to look at):

Can I Recycle it? (the overall winner) Input your postcode to find out what your council recycles

  • Recycle Now - a UK website that allows you to input your postcode and find recycling centres.
  • RecycleTorrance.org - a Google Map mashup of recycling locations in the City of Torrance, California.

UK Cycling A one-stop site to plan your cycling route, for those at any skill level

Catchment Areas Shows boundaries of school catchment areas, even "fuzzily"

Location of Postboxes Shows where the nearest one is to wherever you are

Loofinder A mobile texting or website that tells you where the nearest public toilet is.

As well as funding the ideas above the UK government are awarding £20,000 to be shared among five websites that already have prototypes up and running. Two of those use Google Maps:

Where is the Path

One of my favourite Google Maps mash-ups Where is the Path shows Google Maps alongside Ordnance Survey Maps.

UK School Map - Map of all UK schools. Search by postcode, performance or distance from your home.

The Free Our Data campaign continues ...

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