Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Google Maps Day - Part Two

Columbian Newsmap

The Colombian, a newspaper in Clark County, Washington, has teamed up with MapWith.Us to create this online news map.

At the moment The Columbian’s news map shows reports from the newspaper's own reporters and photographers, who are armed with smart phones to post reports from the field. However before the end of the year the newspaper will also have a separate map that accepts citizen journalist reports.

The citizen journalism map will allow the newspaper's readers to instantly publish news that matters to them directly from their “smart” mobile telephones to the newspaper’s web site. The posted data will appear on the Google Map mash-up, automatically pinpointed to the correct location using the phones’ built-in GPS systems. Reader's submissions will be able to include photographs, text and even audio and video footage.

It's great to see traditional newspaper embracing new technology and Web 2.0 philosophies to improve their news coverage.

Via: The Colombian


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