Sunday, November 30, 2008

Google Map for Mobile Without the Map

Wikitude - AR Travel Guide

Be prepared to be amazed!

Wikitude, a mobile travel guide for Android phones based on location-based Wikipedia content, allows users to view 350,000 world-wide points of interest on your phone.

However, the truly compelling feature is the augmented reality cam view. Just watch this video:

video link

Using the AR view users can use their phone to look at the world around them and see the points of interest displayed as an overlay mapped on the phone's screen.

I told you that you would be amazed.

Via: OUseful.Info



Anonymous said...

can you please name a single use case that makes sense?

Keir Clarke said...

I think the name 'AR Travel Guide' is a clue. When you travel to a place you don't know it could be pretty useful to look through your phone and get information about the things you can see around you.

Besides this would be cool beyond words even if it had no uses.

Trian K said...
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Trian K said...

@Stefan Knecht
Quite a few actually. Here's a couple to get you started:
1. You're new somewhere and want to know what's worth visiting within range.
2. #1 becomes particularly useful if you're inside a building with limited visibility.
3. If this thing has search capability, it could help you locate that store you were after in a big department store or shopping area. - CTTOI, it would work miracles within big exhibition complexes.


Unknown said...

If you go hiking, and you want to know about the mountain names around you. Just look at the mountains through the camera view, and Wikitude labels the mountains with name, height and other info.