Monday, November 17, 2008

Argentina Finally Gets Road Maps

One of the most common questions I get asked via the comments on Google Maps Mania is:

'When is Argentina going to get road maps?'

I've never been able to answer before but now I can.


Make sure you check out all these Argentina Google Maps mash-ups and for the first time there is a reason to press the button marked 'Map' (if there isn't a button marked 'Map' you can be sure the map maker will be adding one soon)


Anonymous said...

Done, I was waiting for this to happen for the last two years.

A few quirks, but hey, it is a huge thing for us, mashup developers in Argentina.

If you switch to Mapa, the streets are in the sea, a glimpse from
the future perhaps when the sea rises???

Buenos Aires
You can compare the different quality of the Maps from Google and
Virtual Earth (politico)

Other cities
Cordoba -
Rosario -
Mar del Plata -

Regards and a zillion thanks to the map developers at yahoo...

Daniel Alvarez said...

Congratulations! We were expecting this from a long time ago! Now, go ahead and add directions, places and shops, traffic state and maybe, in the future, street view.

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Finally !

Please visit Basta de Demoler and check all the architectural heritage in danger in Buenos Aires.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I am trying to add our business to Google Maps in Argentina but when you go the the Google Local section to add a business it doesn´t give you the option of adding a company to Argentina.

However, when you look at Google Maps quite a few of our competitors are listed?

Does anyone have any idea how to add a company listing to Google Maps in Argentina?

Keir Clarke said...

@ Anonymous - try the Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search blog.

I bet he'll know!