Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Fun (not for Turkeys)

Turkey Day Facts Map

Quite frankly there are not enough Turkey based (or should that be Turkey basting) Google Maps. Give thanks then for this Turkey facts Google Map mash-up.

Did you know that there are three towns called Turkey in the USA and four named cranberry?

Did you know that there are four towns in the US that claim to be the turkey capital of the world? (shurely that's Istanbul? (sorry I'll get my coat)).

For more Turkey map fun check out the Turkey Day Facts Map.

According to StateStats the residents of Utah have searched 'Thanksgiving' twice as much as any other state. And according to Spearman's rank correlation there is a strong correlation between searching for 'Thanksgiving' and searching for 'obesity'.

StateStates is a site that analyses Google searches and uses the Google Chart API to generate static maps showing the amount each US state has searched for any term.

Apparently Hawaiians are the least keen on turkey!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!



Virender Ajmani said...

Thanks Keir! for the mention

Görkem Çetin said...

Ankara, that is..