Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Fire Maps

Hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed in Los Angeles County and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency as wildfires burn across the northern San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles Fire Tweets
This map shows Titter Users comments about the fire from those who are within 100 miles of the fire. The Tweets are shown on the map (presumably at the user's location) and are also displayed in a sidebar.

This map is likely to have the most up date information but possibly the least accurate.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Department have produced a Google MyMap that shows the general locations of major fires burning in California at the moment.

Both ab7 News and The LA Times have provided MyMaps of the fire and evacuation centers.

Sylmar Wildfire Map

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This MyMap, by abc7 News, shows the extent of the fire in the hills above Sylmar. The evacuation area is shown by a blue shaded polygon.

The LA Times have also created a MyMap of the Sylmar fire. The map shows the evacuation centers, the location of the Olive View Medical Center and the location of the animal evacuation centers.

The California Active Fire Mapper pinpoints blazes across the Western US, and allows users to zoom in on different cities.

Search Engine Land has also produced a good list of maps covering the California fires.


Virender Ajmani said...

Check this out: LA Fire Tweets

Keir Clarke said...

Thanks Virender, I've added the map to the post.