Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Google Maps Day - Part Five

Google Maps Mania Directory (BETA)

Over the course of today Google Maps Mania has reviewed four excellent maps. Those four maps have been added to a new Google Maps Mania Directory of great Google Maps Mashups.

I have taken what was the links list in the right hand column of this page and created a rudimentary directory of some of the great Google Maps that have been submitted to this blog over the years.

At the moment the directory entries just feature a screenshot, a link and a category. I plan to add a brief overview of each map or a link to the Google Maps Mania review. But this process will take a long time. As will the process of weeding out the few dead links that the directory contains.

Even in this rudimentary form I think that the directory is a great resource for anyone interested in Google Maps mashups. And if you want to create your own map it's always a great idea to browse through what others have already produced.

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Virender Ajmani said...

Nice Job Keir!