Saturday, November 01, 2008

New York Marathon Map

Here at Google Maps Mania we wouldn't like anyone to get lost running the New York Marathon. So here are some maps you can use:

MapMyRun has a map of the New York Marathon route. The map comes with an elevation chart so you can check for those big hills. It also comes with a workout calculator so you can work out how many calories you will burn. It even comes with the option to embed the map in your own website.

Marathon My Map
This is a Google My Map of the marathon route. The My Map is created from a Google Earth file. So if you are clever you can open it in Google Earth as well.

New York Marathon Short Cut Planner
Alternatively, if you think Sunday's were designed for relaxing, you could try my short cut planner. This shameless copy of the Google Earth Driving Simulator uses Google Maps driving directions to plot the quickest route from the start to the finish and takes you on a chauffeur driven journey to Central Park. After all if Pheidippides was alive today I'm pretty sure he would take a car.



Anonymous said...

so good and usefuul

Anonymous said...

You forgot RunMap in your list, wich also has an elevation chart (even a printable map) but comes without all that adds of MapMyRun.