Monday, November 03, 2008

Australian Google Maps Round-Up (Nov 2008)

The Daily Commute
The Daily Commute Map
Car pooling just got easier thanks to The Daily Commute. Although an Australian site The Daily Commute works in 27 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The site allows commuters to form long term car sharing arrangements anywhere in the world where Google Maps has street directories. To find a car pool users enter their start address and their address of their destination and the times of their journey. The Daily Commute then instantly shows the car pooling options for your commute.

Aboriginal Art Centre

The aboriginal Art Centre Google Map shows the location of over 100 Australian Aboriginal Art Centres. These art centres are situated in some of the most remote places in Australia.

Clicking on one of the tagged art centres opens an information window with a link to that centre's page within the aboriginal art directory. The directory listing includes the address details of the art centre and a comprehensive overview of the centre's work.

Acau Wiki
The Acau Wiki is a collection of locations in Australia with links to their Google Maps co-ordinates. Being a Wiki means that anyone can add to the locations. If you want to check out the satellite images of the Sydney Opera House or Uluru this would be a good place to start.

Since the introduction of Street View to Australian Google Maps in August Acau Wiki has also been collecting interesting Street Views in the country.

Google Maps Mania has reviewed Aus-eMaps' four map monitoring tools before. These maps show the weather, fires, earthquakes and emergencies currently in Australia.

Aus-eMaps have now also added geocoding and bulk geocoding to their site. Aus-eMaps uses Google's geocoding engine. Users can use it to geocode up to 50 addresses at a time.

Google and Sensis Agreement

Australian search engine Sensis and Google have announced a commercial agreement to provide Australians with access to Yellow business listings on Google Maps. From next year Google Maps users will be able to search across all local business listings provided by Yellow in Australia.

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