Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More News on Google Maps

Topix News Map

Topix is one of the largest news communities on the web, bringing together news from over 60,000 sources and categorising these stories into over 46,000 locations and 450,000 topics. It is now the third largest individual newspaper website (comScore, July 2008), attracting more than 6 million unique visitors.

Topix uses Google Maps to show the location of news stories. News stories, photographs and local events are all shown on the map via different markers. Clicking on a news marker will open an information window containing a brief snippet of the news and a link to that story's own page.

Topix uses Lat49's geo-contextual advertising to help monetize their content.



Anonymous said...

Cool, what a irrelevant ad. Was the photo chosen purposefully?

Keir Clarke said...

Yes - Lat49 does produce more contextual ads but for the screenshot I went for something that stood out rather than think about the context of the ad.