Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taiwan Gets Breadcrumbs & Transit

Google Maps in Taiwan now has Driving Directions, Public Transit directions and what looks like a new Google Maps feature - dynamic breadcumb links to districts.

At the top right of the Taiwan Google Maps sidebar is this directory of Taiwan regions:

Clicking on one of the regions will pan and zoom the map to that region and then load links to districts in that region into the dynamic links box.

Choosing a district pans and zooms the map to that district and then adds links to neighbourhoods into the dynamic links box. As you can see there are breadcrumb links at the top of the box so it is also possible to navigate back a level at any time.

If you move the map around the links in the dynamic links box will change to reflect the current location.

I haven't seen this before on Google Maps so I'm pretty sure it is a new feature. It's a pretty handy feature as well, so I wouldn't be surprised if the new feature starts popping up for other countries as well.

Hat-tip to GMM reader Richy-Li for being the first to spot this new feature.



Anonymous said...

Breadcrumbs for Google Maps China:

Keir Clarke said...

Do you know if the breadcrumbs are new or have been there for a while?