Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Progress Bar, Snap to Route & Transit for Lisbon

Google Maps has added transit directions for Lisbon, Portugal. Google is working with Lisbon public transport providers CARRIS and Metropolitano de Lisboa to provide subway, train and bus directions in the Portuguese capital.

Via: Mapperz

Google have also announced two new libraries for Google Maps developers. The libraries have been developed by GeoStart, who offer geographical solutions based on Google Maps.

The two new libraries are Progress Bar and Snap toRoute. Progress bar provides your map with a nice progress bar whilst your hundreds of markers are loading onto the map. Snap toRoute forces a marker to snap to the closest point on a polyline.

Both of the two new libraries can be found in the gmaps utility library.

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog



Unknown said...

Geostart link is false. it's www.geostart.nl

Keir Clarke said...

Thanks Stephan, I've fixed the link.