Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Your Weather Map Here

iMap Weather

iMap Weather is an outstanding new Flash Google Map weather service with ambitions to be the number one weather themed social network.

iMap Weather currently provide some of the largest players in the mainstream media, including Fox, ABC, Gannett, Scripps-Howard and a whole host of local TV and Newspapers with their interactive weather map. Now they want to share this amazing weather map with you.

One of the main ideas behind iMap Weather is that anyone with a website can install a really nice interactive weather map on their site quickly and easily by just cutting and pasting a few lines of code.

The iMap Weather map uses the Flash Google Maps API to provide a weather map with an incredible number of features. It is possible to view the weather and weather forecast for any location in the world. In the US you can view a nationwide radar image that is zoomable to street level! It is possible to view a hurricane forecast and to view buoy and ship data.

iMap Weather also have strong plans for the future. For example, they will be introducing ski and snow conditions in conjunction with At the moment temperatures are only shown in Fahrenheit but Celsius will be available in the next month or so. Radar is only available in the US at the moment, but will be available for Japan and Canada soon. Many other features will also soon be added such as wind and waves, etc.

Probably iMap Weather's biggest plans however are in the area of social networking. On the horizon is a complete weather themed social network where members can upload photos, create mini-blogs, save customized maps, receive alerts, connect with other users and get all the weather information you need.



Anonymous said...

I have loaded iMAP to my site for all things cycling, mountian bikes, road bikes and yes hogs. It is great that contributors can see what is going on with various clubs around the country, check out the weather for weekend get-aways, or going to particiapte in a rally or ride in another part of the country.

At first I did not know how useful it would be, but from the feedback I have received, the members like it

Anonymous said...

Well, nothing new.. there is a site, called They have weather maps for (I do not know exacly), but at least 2-3 years. There is a google gadget also: for year and a half.

Warehouse Direct LLC said...

How do you add imap weather to your own site