Friday, July 02, 2010

Tour de France Maps

Ubilabs - Tour de France 2010

Yay! Ubilabs have once again produced a Tour de France live Google Maps mashup. This year the map even has a little extra styling thanks to Google Maps API v3 Styled Map options.

At the moment you can use the map to view the routes of all the tour's stages. Once the race is under way you will also be able to see real-time data from selected teams.

This year Ubilabs have also focused on making the map compatible with mobile phones. So you will be pleased to hear that the map works with the iPhone, Android phones and the iPad.

Cycling News Tour de France Map

Cycling News have also produced a Google Map showing the routes of each stage of the Tour De France.

If you click on any of the mapped stages you will find a link to Cycling News' preview of the stage.

Via: Mapperz

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