Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill Bird Tracker

eBird Gulf Spill Bird Tracker

eBird have created this Google Map to show bird sightings in the Gulf of Mexico. The map also displays an oil slick forecast for the next four days.

The oil slick forecast is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The bird observations are from eBird's own tens of thousands of users. The bird sightings on the map are indicated by red markers for sightings older than 30 days and yellow markers for more recent sightings.

You can change the bird species displayed on the map by clicking the 'more species' button and selecting one of the available bird species.

eBird Global Range Maps

eBird have also created this Google Map that displays a range map for any bird species around the world. There isn't any information available on how the map works but I assume the range maps are created by using the sightings for each species submitted by eBirds users.

To use the map you just need to enter the name of the bird species into the search box. The map will then display a heat map showing locations around the world where the species has been sighted.

Bird Observations
Finally, eBird also let you create a point map for any location, or a seasonal grid maps for the Americas for any bird species using Google Maps.

Other Birdwatching Maps

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