Thursday, July 08, 2010

Calgary Stampede on Google Maps - Updated

Calgary Stampede Maps & Directions

If you are heading to the Calgary Stampede and you want to know what's where and where's what and how to get there then you need to check out this Google Map.

The main venues for the Stampede are coloured on the map so you can quickly see where the main events are taking place. The red map markers also indicate venues for the Stampede and include links to view the full schedule of events.

Hat-tip: @darron

Calgary Stampede - FlapJackFinder

Apparently during the Calgary Stampede it is traditional to give out free flapjacks for breakfast. Thanks to this Google Map you can now find all the establishments giving away free breakfasts in Calgary during the Stampede - and that's a lot of flapjacks.

The map can be searched by date and by distance. You can click on the 'Today's Flapjacks' link to view the locations where you can get free flapjacks today.

The map also features a very cool hand-drawn style border. Happy eating folks!

Live Bus Tracking

If you've left your horse at home you can still get around Calgary thanks to this live bus tracking map.

Using the map you can view all the bus and C-Train routes in the city. When you select a route you can view all the stops on the route and also see the location of all the buses as they are tracked in real-time.

Calgary Mapped
Whilst in Calgary you can always find the nearest points of interest thanks to this Calgary Google Maps mashup.

The map lets you select from a number of categories to view restaurants, galleries, hotels etc in the city.

Visit Calgary

Calgary's official tourism website has a great Google Map to help you find places to stay, places to eat, places to shop and places to play.

Hat-tip: Mapperz


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