Saturday, July 31, 2010

Water Harvesting with Google Maps

Save the Rain

This Google Map can help you calculate how much rain water you can harvest from your property. One way to prepare for the effects of global warming on water supply is to capture rain water running off of roofs. This process is known as rainwater harvesting. The rainwater can then be used to flush toilets, and, even do laundry.

Save the Rain can help you calculate how much rainwater your roof could capture. This is done by simple calculating the area of your roof, and, multiplying by the mean yearly precipitation.

To use the map just enter your address and then find the satellite image of your house. Once you have identified your house all you have to do is draw around your roof and press 'finish'. Save the Rain will then calculate the area of your roof, the amount of water you get in a year and how much water you could harvest.

Also See

screen shot of Roofray
Have you ever thought about adding solar panels to your house? Roofray can help you decide. Roofray is an amazing tool built on Google Maps that can calculate the solar energy potential of your house.

To do this you start by simply tracing a a polygon on top of the Google Map satellite image of your house. When you have traced your roof you then drag a marker on the map to show the direction your roof slopes. The next step is simply to enter the angle of your roof tilt.

Once you have entered your details Roofray calculates your month-to-month photovoltaic output levels based on your coordinates and regional characteristics such as the average weather cycle, cloud cover, surface albedo, and the orientation and area of your solar array.


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