Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Michigan Speedway Live on Google Maps

Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE (PIAXP) competition is under way now at the Michigan International Speedway. You can watch it live and view the telemetry and live tracks of the cars in real-time on Google Maps.

The competition will award $10 million in prizes to the teams that win a rigorous stage competition for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPG energy equivalent (MPGe).

Vehicles in the competition are equipped with telemetry sensors and GPS that together capture fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, carbon footprint, speed, distance travelled and location. Every second, the vehicles transmit these key performance indicators (KPI) to a server hosted on Google App Engine for analysis and visualization on Google Maps.

ThinkWrap Solutions have worked with PIAXP to build a web experience that lets you monitor these performance indicators, second-by-second from the comfort of your web browser. A Google Map is central to this experience. The map uses the live stream of GPS data from the vehicles, to show the cars' movement around the track in near real-time.


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