Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Researching UK Sounds with Google Maps

UK SoundMap

The UK SoundMap is a new sound survey of the acoustic landscape of Britain. The SoundMap is a partnership project of the British Library and the Noise Futures Network. Through this user-contributed sound-map the project will build a permanent researchable resource of sounds in Britain.

UK SoundMap has started with a pilot survey based on the Sheffield metropolitan area. The survey will be extended to the rest of the UK later in 2010. UK SoundMap uses Google Maps to show the locations of all the sounds submitted to the site. If you click on any of the submitted sounds shown on the map you can then play the recording directly from the information window.

The recordings submitted to the UK SoundMap will be studied by experts from the Noise Futures Network and the research results will be published once sufficient data has been collected and analysed.

Other Sound Maps
Hat-tip: Living Geography


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