Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YouTube News on Google Maps

ABC7new's Channel Google Map

The traditional TV and print media are very keen these days to feature videos and photographs of news events captured by the public. The fact that a large proportion of the population now carry mobile phones with built in cameras means that when something newsworthy happens there is a very good chance that some people on the scene will be taking pictures and videos. The traditional media want those eye witness records.

If you look on the websites of the traditional media you will often find a link to submit your photos and videos. In San Francisco ABC7news have gone one better and teamed up with YouTube to create the ABC7 uReport. ABC7 will use YouTube Direct to collect news footage from people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Residents of the Bay Area are invited to document the news and events happening where they live, work and play, and to submit those videos via YouTube Direct to the producers at ABC7. ABC7 will then feature newsworthy videos on television (Channel 7 in the Bay Area), on their website, and on their YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel for ABC7 news and their website both feature a Google Map displaying the submitted newsworthy videos. The videos are categorised into 'breaking news', 'events', 'weather', 'Bay Area scenes'.

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