Sunday, July 11, 2010

Indian Temples, Japanese Castles

Map My Temple

If you are planning a trip to India you must check out this great guide to Indian temples. Map My Temple is a community driven website for temples in India.

The site uses Google Maps throughout to show the locations of temples submitted buy users. As well as showing the temple on a Google Map the site includes Wikipedia entries and gives the nearest train station and bus stop.

Japanese Castle Explorer

The Japanese Castle Explorer is a beautiful looking map that shows the locations of Japan's most famous (and plenty of lesser known) castles. The site is available both in English and Japanese.

The map includes a number of well thought out and handy features. For example each castle, comes with a 'best view' button, which when pressed zooms the map in to the best satellite view of the castle. The map also comes with a 'random castle' button, a 'region' button (which shows the castles in Japan's different regions) and links to more detailed information on each castle.


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