Friday, July 23, 2010

Augmented Reality Instant Messaging


The last thing the world needs is another location sharing mobile application. However Tagwhat does have a unique selling point. TagWhat isn't just another location sharing application, it is an augmented reality location sharing application.

If you download the Android or iPhone TagWhat application you can then use your mobile phone to share your location with the rest of the world. Your message can then be viewed by other TagWhat mobile users in augmented reality in their phone screens.

As well as appearing in augmented reality your message will appear on the TagWhat real-time animated map of location check-ins. The TagWhat home page features a prominent Google Map that animates through the latest messages sent by TagWhat members.


1 comment:

dublinstreams said...

whats the use of geolocated message for your friends? just send it to them rather then leaving it in a place?